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How Using Negative Space in Photography will Reward You with Amazing Photos

The Secret to Creating Expressive Pictures is using Composition Techniques!

Well, we’ve already seen Rule of Thirds, Centred Composition, Leading Lines, Fill the Frame, Pattern & Texture, Rule of Odds, Colour Theory, Frame within a Frame, Simplicity & Minimalism, Rule of Space, Left to Right Rule & Isolate the Subject in our earlier blogs. Now, let’s understand Negative Space Composition.

What is Negative Space in Photography

An Image comprises of the Subject and its Surroundings. The Subject is the Positive Space while the White/Blank/Empty Space surrounding the subject is called the Negative Space.

How to Use Negative Space to Create a Positive Impact on your Photos   

Heard of the phrase – Less is More? Well, it applies in case of Negative Space Composition.

Take a look at the below photograph of a Spider

Negative Space

  • The White Wall acts as the White/Negative Space.
  • While clicking the snap, Focus was set on the Spider.
  • Since there are no distractions in the scene, it draws our attention to every little detail of the spider – the colours, the shape and so on.

Here’s a photograph of 2 Fishermen

Negative Space

  • The River surrounding the fishermen forms the Negative Space.
  • When we look at this picture which was taken in the early morning hours, the Water seems to have a Calming Effect on Us.
  • The picture depicts the Morning Mood as these Fishermen set out in search of fishes.

Check out the pic of the Iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Negative Space

  • The gigantic Burj Al Arab is the subject in the photo.
  • The beautifully lit up Sky acts as the Blank/Empty Space.
  • This setting gives the subject, Burj Al Arab, Space to Breathe.

Here’s a picture of a Flower

Negative Space

  • The Flower was captured using the Rule of Thirds Composition which gave way to plenty of Negative Space in the image.
  • Focus was set on the Flower; hence the Background appears Blur.
  • The scene focuses our attention on the Flower.

Below is another example of Negative Space with Blurred Background: Image of a Grasshopper

Negative Space

Take a look at the below photograph of a Buddha Statue

Negative Space

  • The Negative Space around the Buddha Statue makes the picture very attractive.
  • It creates a sense of Minimalism & Simplicity allowing us to focus on the Buddha Statue which evokes a Feeling of Tranquillity.

Well, above is only a Guideline…Photography is all about Experimenting & Developing your Creativity Skills your way…


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Click on the below Image to see the Comic wherein the Camera explains Jo, the concept of Negative Space with the help of practical examples.

Negative Space