How to Use Leading Lines to Create Attractive Photographs

Leading Lines in PhotographyA photo that has all the elements of the scene arranged aesthetically within the frame is a well-composed photo.

We have explained how to use Rule of Thirds Composition and Centred Composition in our earlier blogs, now let us walk you through Leading Lines!

Leading Lines Photography


Understanding Leading Lines in Photography

Leading Lines

Leading Lines in a photograph can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. These lines stretch from the foreground to the background and lead the viewer’s eye to the important elements in the photo.

How Leading Lines can Improve your Photograph’s Composition

Leading Lines Composition is wherein you use a street, railway track, road, escalator, field, bridge or a path to draw the viewer’s eye through these lines to a particular part of the frame.

Leading Lines

For instance, if you are taking a picture of a resort. You can use the curved path to guide the viewer from the foreground to the background of the scene where the curved path ends (near the resort room and lake).

If you are photographing a person sitting in the middle of an empty road – the road will serve as leading lines. This way, you can draw the viewers’ attention through leading lines to the person sitting in the middle of the road.

You can also create stunning images using this composition to capture desert landscapes. Here, the leading lines (from the foreground) create a visual pathway and direct the eye to the background of the desert scene.

Another example is when you are photographing a monument. You can use the leading lines in the foreground to guide the viewer’s eye towards the monument (the main subject in the scene).

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To understand Leading Lines Composition, Click on the below Image to see the Comic wherein the Camera explains Jo, the concept of Leading Lines Composition with the help of practical examples.

leading lines

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