How to Use Frame within a Frame Composition to Transform an Ordinary Scene into an Interesting Photo

Composition in photography empowers you to express your creativity and tell a story through your picture.

We have explained how to use Rule of Thirds, Centred Composition, Leading Lines, Fill the Frame, Pattern and Texture, Rule of Odds, Colour Theory in our earlier blogs, now let’s proceed to Frame within a Frame Composition!

What is Frame within a Frame Composition? How to Use it?

When you frame a scene using natural surroundings or man-made objects, it’s called Frame within a Frame Composition. You can use a window, a mirror, a bridge, an archway/doorway, a cave or overhanging branches to frame your scene. Even, if the scene is partially framed, it works well.


Why to Use Frame within a Frame Composition

isolate it from any distraction and clutter

In the above pic taken at the Kala Ghoda Festival, the smartphone serves as a frame which draws your attention to the beautiful lanterns. It takes your eyes away from the surrounding clutter & distraction and lets you focus on the lanterns.

portraying depth

The above pic is of the Kerala backwaters. The roof of the boat forms a frame which adds depth to the natural beauty of the place.

Create layers

The above pic is of the beautifully lit Ferris Wheel at Luna Park, Sydney. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge serves as a frame which adds layers within the shot.

drawing their attention to a defined point

The Dubai Frame leads your eyes into the photograph. It draws your attention to a particular point in the scene.

create more structure

In the above photograph of a church, the archway forms a frame. It creates more structure in the image and makes it visually appealing.

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