9 Qualities of an Inspiring Photographer

Bought a camera? While you explore your camera, master the camera settings and learn how to use it to its fullest potential, it is also essential to develop certain qualities that will reward you with a fun and fulfilling photography journey!

Let’s take a look at the Qualities of an Inspiring Photographer

Sukesh Rai, an Inspiring Photographer
Sukesh Rai, an Inspiring Photographer

Image Courtesy: Anuradha Zingade


Passion is the fuel that inspires and drives you to achieve your goals. It will motivate you to learn and practise photography to improve your skills and make you a better photographer with every day that passes by.

Doesn’t matter, if you’re using a DSLR camera or a smartphone camera – when you’re passionate about photography – you’ll see beauty in everything and capture that beauty in your photo.


landscape photography

In photography – lighting plays an important role in creating a good photo. There will be times when the lighting conditions won’t give you the desired results, especially in landscape photography during winters/cloudy days. So, you’ll need to wait for the perfect lighting to get the right shot.

Adventurous Spirit


Image Courtesy: Vishakha Jadhav

With great power comes great responsibility! As a photographer, you have the power to capture the beauty of life on earth, natural light display in earth’s sky and more. You’ll need to trek in the mountains/offbeat places, adapt to extreme temperatures and camp in the wild. An adventurous spirit will help you capture and share the unseen, raw beauty of nature with the world.


composition in photography

Photography is a form of art. It requires creativity, imagination and an eye for detail that will help you compose your photo in a way where all elements within the photo work together harmoniously to convey emotions or a meaningful story to the viewers. 


architecture photography

Flexibility is needed to give the viewers, a different perspective of your subject. While photographing a monument/building – you should try to take shots from different angles to give an unseen perspective of the monument. For wildlife photography, you’ll need to be flexible to get on your knees and take low angle shots.

Flexibility will help you create a good photo with the available equipment. For instance, if  you’re outdoors and see a bird but you aren’t carrying your DSLR, it’s okay – try capturing the bird with your smartphone camera, you’ll still be able to capture a decent photo, if you use your composition skills.

Subject Knowledge

Wildlife Photography

With subject knowledge, especially in wildlife photography, you will be aware of the bird/animal behavior which will help you get opportunities for the best shot. For instance, if your subject is a bird and you know its feeding/active time, then you can be present at the place during that particular time to capture the perfect shot.

Curiosity and Love of Learning

Curiosity and love of learning will motivate you to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the field of photography. You’ll be keen to improve not only your photography skills but also your editing skills in Lightroom.

Good People Skills

Knowing how to interact with your subject is crucial for portrait photography. You’ll need to make the subject/model feel comfortable and communicate/suggest different poses to create an engaging and powerful photograph that tells a story about your subject or reveals your subjects’ mood or personality.

Besides, good people skills will also help in obtaining clients and partnerships to grow your photography business.

Encouraging Budding Photographers

When a great photographer is around you, there is a certain energy/presence that shines from them that can be infectious; it’s easy to be lifted up by their energy, enthusiasm and passion. Great photographers love to learn, share their knowledge & skills and contribute towards the betterment of budding/aspiring/fellow photographers.

When you do photography: Remember the 5E’s – Explore, Experiment, Experience, Enjoy & Express to develop your own style as a photographer.

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